Headrest systems to fix the patient´s head, flexible Leyla retractor systems, instruments for brain surgeries, craniomaxillofacial plating systems and aneurysm clips for cerebral vascular occlusion. All these products are shown in our special micro- neuro- surgical catalogue on over 450 pages.

Furthermore, we are manufacturing special and highly precise neurosurgical micro- instruments. Delicate micro scissors, - needleholders, - forceps and dilators also belong to our product range as well as diverse vessel clips, which are not bigger than a match head. "Precision Made in Germany".

We are also offering a complete range of punches, different rongeurs and many other spinal instruments.



Aneurysm Clip System

Our product range includes more than 200 aneurysm clips, which are different in shape, model and application.

All clips are available in phynox or titanium and can be supplied sterile and non- sterile. 

Each clip is single packed in a individual package, which shows the most important information like size, closing force, model, LOT number and manufacturing date on the first view.

Every single clip has a LOT number with which all production dates can be followed 30 years back.

The shaft of our special clip applying forceps is made from memory steel and can be bent in every position. This makes even the most complicated accesses possible. Due to the heat during the washing and sterilizing process the shaft will become straight again and goes back in its original shape. We are very proud of this innovation.   



Cardiovascular Surgery

Atraumatic clamps- of which you can not just see the quality, you can actually feel it by closing the ratchet- give every surgeon the convenience of a well working and reliable instrument. Our instruments are closing 100% precisely and give a maximum of safety and control. 

Especially in cardiovascular surgery the safety and reliability of the instruments is of utmost importance. We are offering diverse instruments and spreaders for the operation access to give the surgeon ideal conditions and good visibility to the operation field.

Special instruments, developed for the different operation techniques, complete our cardiovascular product range. The safety of the patient is of top priority.

Sterile Container System

The reliable and safe storage of sterile instruments is pre-condition for always available and usable operation sets. Good organized sterilization cycles mainly mean safety for patient and OR staff, but it also has great potential to reduce costs by optimizing the processes.    

The dimensions of our containers comply to international standards and therefore ideally fit the washing and sterilization machines to secure an economic process.

Due to the quick and easy handling of the containers, the surgical sets can be provided for use within seconds.   

We offer various accessories for the organization of the sterilization cycles. Consult our experts and optimize your processes. 


General Surgical Instruments

Of course, we are also offering complete ranges of instruments for other surgical disciplines like gynaecology, ENT, urology, obstetrics and abdominal surgery. Do not make any compromises in this fields as well. Put your confidence in us and focus on quality, reliability and sustainability that pays off.
We would be glad to assist you with our suggestions for the surgical sets by planning your equipment demands. You can count on us. 



REBSpine - Spinal Fixation System

  • Thoraco- lumbar fixation systems for posterior and anterior approach

  • Cervical and pediatric fixation system

  • Lumbar and cervical cages in PEEK and titanium

  • Cervical prothesis


The applications of our spinal implant systems are enormous and you will find the right implant for every surgery. The instruments for the implantation are easy to handle and ideally matching the implants. This guarantees safety for patient and surgeon. The different implant sets are offered with the basic equipment of implants. 



Craniomaxillofacial Osteosynthesis

Our craniomaxillofacial implant systems are made from titanium and available in 1,2 mm, 1,6 mm, 2,0 mm, 2,3 mm and 2,7 mm.Due to the huge variety of different shaped plates and a wide range of screws and emergency screws, our systems are suitable for each type of fixation. The different systems are color coded by size to avoid any mix- up or confusion.  The highly precise screwdrivers securely fix the screws and are easy to handle. Storage trays for all plates and screws of the different systems guarantee a clear and safe storage.  





  • Small and large fragment implants

  • Angled plates

  • Dynamic hip screws

  • Intramedullary nailing

  • Locking plates and screws

  • Kirschner wires and much more


Everything for orthopedic surgeries is in our new and comprehensive osteosynthesis catalogue. Of course, we have suitable and complete instrument sets for all our implants, because the surgery can only come to the optimal result  with the right implant and the corresponding instruments.













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